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    Modernism and nihilism of the Constitution for the Earth
    Ethics and Bioethics (in Central Europe) 9 (1-2): 57-63. 2019.
    This article uses the post-modern Nietzsche affirmation as a criterion for an analysis of the philosophical concept of the Constitution for the Earth and other texts by Josef Šmajs, the principal author of the theory of evolutionary ontology. The author draws the attention of the group of authors of the Constitution for the Earth to the risk of the modernist and nihilist application of evolutionary ontology and proposes that the theory be extended to include new criteria and methods to enable it…Read more
  • Mravná výchova v ČR a na českých územiach v minulosti
    with Radim Štěrba
    Ostium 13 (1). 2017.
    The following study presents an analysis of the world of moral education in the Czech environment from its recorded beginnings to the current situation in the Czech Republic. The study contains two parts: In the first section, the authors give an account of the history of moral education and different views on it, while in the second section they analyse the current condition of moral education. The authors examine the quality of moral education at primary and secondary schools according to the …Read more
  • Evolučná gnozeológia: Kľúč k zmene kultúry (review)
    Ostium 6 (2). 2010.
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    Moral education in the Czech territory in the past and the present
    with Radim Štěrba
    Ethics and Bioethics (in Central Europe) 6 (1-2). 2016.
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    K niektorým nedostatkom vybraných environmentálnych prístupov
    Studia Philosophica 61 (1): 29-38. 2014.
    The author aims to evaluate various approaches of environmental philosophers to several specific problems from the standpoint of ethics of survival. He points to weaknesses and risks of conceptions of F. Capra, A. Naess, P. Singer and J. Šmajs. The author accepts using irrationality only as a complement of education, not as its main principle. He rejects ethics not based on ontological ground and promotes process thinking in ethics. The author criticizes rejection of anthropocentric approach. He…Read more