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    Expression of S-adenosylmethionine Hydrolase in Tissues Synthesizing Secondary Cell Walls Alters Specific Methylated Cell Wall Fractions and Improves Biomass Digestibility
    with A. Eudes, N. Zhao, N. Sathitsuksanoh, E. E. K. Baidoo, J. Lao, G. Wang, S. Yogiswara, T. S. Lee, J. C. Mortimer, J. D. Keasling, B. A. Simmons, and D. Loqué
    Plant biomass is a large source of fermentable sugars for the synthesis of bioproducts using engineered microbes. These sugars are stored as cell wall polymers, mainly cellulose and hemicellulose, and are embedded with lignin, which makes their enzymatic hydrolysis challenging. One of the strategies to reduce cell wall recalcitrance is the modification of lignin content and composition. Lignin is a phenolic polymer of methylated aromatic alcohols and its synthesis in tissues developing secondary…Read more
  • Asia Samachar (edited book)
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    Synthesis and characterization of precipitation hardened amorphous matrix composite by mechanical alloying and pulse plasma sintering of Al65Cu20Ti15 (review)
    with D. Roy, R. Mitra, M. Rosinski, A. Michalski, W. Lojkowski, and I. Manna
    Philosophical Magazine 89 (12): 1051-1061. 2009.