University College London
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2013
Areas of Specialization
Philosophy of Mind
Areas of Interest
Philosophy of Mind
  •  55
    Nondoxasticism about Self‐Deception
    Dialectica 67 (3): 265-282. 2013.
    The philosophical difficulties presented by self-deception are vexed and multifaceted. One such difficulty is what I call the ‘doxastic problem’ of self-deception. Solving the doxastic problem involves determining whether someone in a state of self-deception that ∼p both believes that p and believes that ∼p, simply holds one or the other belief, or, as I will argue, holds neither. This final option, which has been almost entirely overlooked to-date, is what I call ‘ nondoxasticism ’ about self-d…Read more
  •  49
    Defending Exclusivity
    Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 94 (2): 326-341. 2017.
    ‘Exclusivity’ is the claim that when deliberating about whether to believe that p one can only be consciously motivated to reach one's conclusion by considerations one takes to pertain to the truth of p. The pragmatist tradition has long offered inspiration to those who doubt this claim. Recently, a neo-pragmatist movement, Keith Frankish (), and Conor McHugh ()) has given rise to a serious challenge to exclusivity. In this article, I defend exclusivity in the face of this challenge. First, I di…Read more
  •  17
    The Self and Self-Knowledge – Edited By Annalisa Coliva (review)
    European Journal of Philosophy 21 (S2). 2013.