Srinivasa Kumar N Acharya

Manipal Academy of Higher Education
  • Manipal Academy of Higher Education
    Assistant Professor
Central Sanskrit University
Alumnus, 2021
Manipal, KA, India

Srinivasa Kumar N Acharya (Srini) is an Assistant Professor and heads the Department of Philosophy (DoP) at MAHE, where he oversees an interdisciplinary research project MAHE Mahabharata – computational analyses using Sanskrit Computational Linguistics in Digital Humanities. He continues to serve the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence - Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES), Department of Languages (DoL) and Manipal Universal Press (MUP) alongside DoP, since their inception. He pursues teaching and research in Indian discourses on ethics, epistemology, metaphysics and linguistics.

He is a beneficiary of the prestigious Erasmus+ Teaching …

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