Ohio State University
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2012
Columbus, Ohio, United States of America
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    Team-Teaching the Atheism-Theism Debate
    Teaching Philosophy 37 (4): 465-480. 2014.
    In this paper, we discuss a team-taught, debate-style Philosophy of Religion course we designed and taught at The Ohio State University. Rather than tackling the breadth of topics traditionally subsumed under the umbrella of Philosophy of Religion, this course focused exclusively on the nuances of the atheism-theism debate, with the instructors openly identifying as atheist or theist, respectively. After discussing the motivations for designing and teaching such a course, we go on to detail its …Read more
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    Supporting the best charities is harder than it seems
    Journal of Global Ethics 12 (2): 240-244. 2016.
    Once upon a time, I attempted to create a web-based one-stop-shop for global poverty relief called the Maximin Project. Drawing on aspects of that experience, I show that although some existing ways of rating and recommending charities are significantly better than others, there remain certain challenges that need to be overcome. Specifically, I argue that the emerging Effective Altruism movement, with its emphasis on measurable effectiveness, runs the risk of neglecting a whole range of project…Read more