Rutgers University - New Brunswick
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2003
APA Eastern Division
Gainesville, Florida, United States of America
Areas of Specialization
17th/18th Century Philosophy
Areas of Interest
17th/18th Century Philosophy

My new book, Materialism from Hobbes to Locke, looks at a significant part of the philosophical debate about materialism in seventeenth-century Europe. The book begins with Thomas Hobbes, who engaged critically with Descartes, and developed his own materialist account of the human mind, and even of God. It then turns to the work of three of Hobbes’s critics: Henry More, Ralph Cudworth, and Margaret Cavendish. The second half of the book looks at the discussion of materialism in John Locke’s Essay concerning Human Understanding. Locke was aware of the earlier debate between Hobbes and his critics, and we can see him drawing on and responding t…

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