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    Chapter 5 Time and the Untimely: Deleuze, Foucault and the Production of the New
    In Robert Luzecky & Daniel W. Smith (eds.), Deleuze and Time, Edinburgh University Press. pp. 98-115. 2023.
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    Foucault and the Use of Exposure: Discipline, Ethics, and Self-Writing
    Review of Communication 19 (3): 225-240. 2019.
    This essay develops the concept of exposure as it functions in Michel Foucault's philosophical project. I argue that exposure is a critical component of subject formation in disciplinary society. It also is a concept that can elucidate Foucault's ethics as a form of resistance to power. Discipline forms subjects through processes of exposure that, on the one hand, isolate individual bodies and derive discursive knowledge and norms from them. On the other hand, discipline communicates a variety o…Read more
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    Self-Documentation as Counter Discipline in the Ethical Works of Michel Foucault
    СОЦИОЛОГИЧЕСКИ ПРОБЛЕМИ 48 (3-4): 279-292. 2016.
    This paper examines the role of self-documentation in the care of the self. As is well known, Michel Foucault exposes how disciplinary power functions in hospitals, schools, prisons, and other institutions to train the living for productive use. An important tool of disciplinary power is documentation, or the recording and cataloguing of the living that constitutes them as objects of knowledge. I show how documentation creates and extends knowledge to individuals. At the same time, documents…Read more