• The United States Culture Collection Network : Enhancing microbial genomics research through living microbe culture collections
    with K. Boundy-Mills, M. Hess, A. R. Bennett, M. Ryan, D. Nobles, J. A. Eisen, P. Inderbitzin, I. R. Sitepu, T. Torok, D. R. Brown, J. Cho, J. E. Wertz, S. Mukherjee, S. L. Cady, and K. McCluskey
    © 2015, American Society for Microbiology.The mission of the United States Culture Collection Network is "to facilitate the safe and responsible utilization of microbial resources for research, education, industry, medicine, and agriculture for the betterment of human kind." Microbial culture collections are a key component of life science research, biotechnology, and emerging global biobased economies. Representatives and users of several microbial culture collections from the United States and…Read more