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    Fake Nature: The Only Acceptable Alternative
    Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 23 123-130. 2008.
    This piece explores the proposition that environmental restoration is the only acceptable alternative to a world left with diminishing natural regions. The article reviews the ethical debate concerning the moral obligation of humankind to restore regions that have been stripped of their resources. It demonstrates thatthrough the assistance of both legislative and technological measures nature can be renewed to spawn healthy ecosystems when permitted to do so. Furthermore, the article claims that…Read more
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    A Skeptical View of the Liberal Peace
    Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 50 559-569. 2008.
    A Skeptical View of the Liberal Peace reflects on the place of democracy in the global community. The article pays particular attention to the widespread assumption that there is an inherent relationship between democracy and peace, and that peace most assuredly is derived from democracy itself. I find these assertions to be highly questionable and overstated. Reflection on the philosophy which underpins these claims can only be helpful for international relations. In particular, given the Unite…Read more