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    Magnetic effects in sulfur-decorated graphene
    with C. Hwang, S. A. Cybart, S. J. Shin, K. Kim, T. G. Rappoport, S. M. Wu, C. Jozwiak, A. V. Fedorov, S. K. Mo, D. H. Lee, B. I. Min, E. E. Haller, R. C. Dynes, A. H. Castro Neto, and A. Lanzara
    © 2016, Nature Publishing Group. All rights reserved.The interaction between two different materials can present novel phenomena that are quite different from the physical properties observed when each material stands alone. Strong electronic correlations, such as magnetism and superconductivity, can be produced as the result of enhanced Coulomb interactions between electrons. Two-dimensional materials are powerful candidates to search for the novel phenomena because of the easiness of arranging…Read more
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    An evaluation of ozone dry deposition simulations in East Asia
    with R. J. Park, S. K. Hong, H. A. Kwon, A. Guenther, J. H. Woo, and C. P. Loughner
    © Author 2014.We use a 3-D regional atmospheric chemistry transport model to examine ozone dry deposition in East Asia, which is an important but uncertain research area because of insufficient observation and numerical studies focusing on East Asia. Here we compare two widely used dry deposition parameterization schemes, the Wesely and M3DRY schemes, which are used in the WRF-Chem and Community Multiscale Air Quality models, respectively. Simulated ozone dry deposition velocities with the two s…Read more
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    First direct measurements of formaldehyde flux via eddy covariance: implications for missing in-canopy formaldehyde sources
    with J. P. DiGangi, E. S. Boyle, Karl T., P. Harley, A. Turnipseed, C. Cantrell, R. L. Maudlin Iii, W. Zheng, F. Flocke, S. R. Hall, K. Ullmann, Y. Nakashima, Paul J. B., G. M. Wolfe, A. R. Desai, Y. Kajii, A. Guenther, and F. N. Keutsch