Takaharu Oda

Southern University of Science and Technology

Fellowship from the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts, SUSTech (since December 2022) https://sof.sustech.edu.cn/

Ph.D. (thesis defended without corrections 'as it stands' on 9 August, awarded on 4 November 2022) from Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland).

Teaching experience: SS149 Early Modern Western Philosophy (SUSTech); PIU11034 History of Western Philosophy (TCD JF component: 18th-cent./Berkeley/Hume/Shepherd), PIU11011 Buddhist Philosophy (TCD JF component in Topics in Philosophy), etc.

Grants and Awards:

Conference Grant from the Mind Association, UK (June 2023): 'Roots and Anticipations of Pragmatism: The Late Middle Ages and Ear…

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