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    Biological lignocellulose solubilization: comparative evaluation of biocatalysts and enhancement via cotreatment
    with Julie M. D. Paye, Anna Guseva, Sarah K. Hammer, Erica Gjersing, Mark F. Davis, Brian H. Davison, Jessica Olstad, Bryon S. Donohoe, Charles E. Wyman, Pattathil Sivakumar, Michael G. Hahn, and R. Lynd Lee
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    Human contact is a key issue in social interactions for autonomous systems since robots are increasingly appearing everywhere, which has led to a higher risk of conflict. Particularly in the real world, collisions between humans and machines may result in catastrophic accidents or damaged goods. In this paper, a novel stop strategy related to autonomous systems is proposed. This control method can eliminate the vibrations produced by a system’s movement by analysing the poles and zeros in the mo…Read more
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    Starting with the first international publication of Le Van Thiem (Lê Văn Thiêm) in 1947, modern mathematics in Vietnam is a longstanding research field. However, what is known about its development usually comes from discrete essays such as anecdotes or interviews of renowned mathematicians. We introduce SciMath—a database on publications of Vietnamese mathematicians. To ensure this database covers as many publications as possible, data entries are manually collected from scientists’ publicatio…Read more
  • Effect of Economic Globalization on Developing Countries
    Nature, Society, and Thought 15 (2): 221-232. 2002.
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    This short piece of communication has the sole purpose of identifying some evidence, supporting our view regarding a possible missing environment-nurturing cultural value. Here, we attempt to examine the existence of cultural research within the boundary of soil degradation, erosion, and pollution topic.
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    Total Cost of FASD Including the Economics of FASD Associated with Crimes
    with Egon Jonsson
    In Ian Binnie, Sterling Clarren & Egon Jonsson (eds.), Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders : Foundational Issues, Springer Verlag. pp. 49-66. 2018.
    This chapter reports a systematic review of studies of the economics of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder with a focus on costs that are associated with crimes. It shows that the total cost of FASD for Canadian society is $9.4 billion per year, of which crimes account for the largest share, followed by health care, indirect costs, social services, and special education. Of the costs of FASD associated with crimes, Criminal Justice System accounts for the largest share, followed by victims of crime…Read more
  • Teachers as models of Internet Uue
    In Ashley Blackburn, Irene Linlin Chen & Rebecca Pfeffer (eds.), Emerging trends in cyber ethics and education, Information Science Reference. 2019.
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    Video gaming has been rising rapidly to become one of the primary entertainment media, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Playing video games has been reported to associate with many psychological and behavioral traits. However, little is known about the connections between game players' behaviors in the virtual environment and environmental perceptions. Thus, the current data set offers valuable resources regarding environmental worldviews and behaviors in the virtual world of 640 Animal …Read more
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    Personality traits and individual performance: test of the mediating role of motivation among top management
    with Javad Shahreki and Jaya Ganesan
    International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics 14 (3): 225. 2020.
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    Researcher and study participants’ perspectives of consent in clinical studies in four referral hospitals in Vietnam
    with Jennifer Ilo Van Nuil, Thi Thanh Thuy Nguyen, Van Vinh Chau Nguyen, Mary Chambers, Thi Dieu Ngan Ta, Laura Merson, Thi Phuong Dung Nguyen, Minh Tu Van Hoang, Michael Parker, Susan Bull, and Evelyne Kestelyn
    BMC Medical Ethics 21 (1): 1-12. 2020.
    Within the research community, it is generally accepted that consent processes for research should be culturally appropriate and tailored to the context, yet researchers continue to grapple with what valid consent means within specific stakeholder groups. In this study, we explored the consent practices and attitudes regarding essential information required for the consent process within hospital-based trial communities from four referral hospitals in Vietnam. We collected surveys from and condu…Read more
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    Personality traits and individual performance: Test of the mediating role of motivation among top management
    with Javad Shahreki and Jaya Ganesan
    International Journal of Business Governance and Ethics 14 (4): 1. 2020.