University of Miami
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2018
Coral Gables, Florida, United States of America
  •  17
    Counterpossibles for modal normativists
    Synthese 1-23. forthcoming.
    Counterpossibles are counterfactuals that involve some metaphysical impossibility. Modal normativism is a non-descriptivist account of metaphysical necessity and possibility according to which modal claims, e.g. ‘necessarily, all bachelors are unmarried’, do not function as descriptive claims about the modal nature of reality but function as normative illustrations of constitutive rules and permissions that govern the use of ordinary non-modal vocabulary, e.g. ‘bachelor’. In this paper, I assume…Read more
  •  4
    Is Sylvan's Box a Threat to Classical Logic Norms?
    Florida Philosophical Review 12 (1): 32-52. 2012.
    Advocates of certain paraconsistent logics claim that classical logic provides incorrect norms for reasoning about impossible situations. Some have taken this claim as a sufficient reason to modify classical accounts of consequence. In this paper, I explain and evaluate such an argument based on Graham Priest's fictional story, "Sylvan's Box." I will explain and evaluate an objection to this argument based on a consistent reading of Priest's story offered by Daniel Nolan. However, I will argue t…Read more