• The Essential Tension in Phenomenal Consciousness
    Søren Harnow Klausen
    Philosophical Papers 49 (1): 159-190. 2020.
    The contemporary standard view of phenomenal consciousness —shared by reductionists and non-reductionists alike—takes it to be a simple, ‘low-level’, ‘pre-reflective’ feature of mental states,...
  • Do Collaborators in Science Need to Agree?
    Philosophy of Science 86 (5): 1029-1040. 2019.
    I argue that collaborators do not need to reach broad agreement over the justification of a consensus claim. This is because maintaining a diversity of justifiers within a scientific collaboration has important epistemic value. I develop a view of collective justification that depends on the diversity of epistemic perspectives present in a group. I argue that a group can be collectively justified in asserting that P as long as the disagreement among collaborators over the reasons for P is itself…Read more