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    Wittgenstein and Dilthey on Scientism and Method
    Wittgenstein-Studien 12 (1): 165-194. 2021.
    While Wittgenstein’s work has been extensively investigated in relation to many other important and influential philosophers, there is very little scholarly work that positively investigates the relationship between the work of Wittgenstein and Wilhelm Dilthey. To the contrary, some commentators like Hacker suggest that Dilthey’s work simply pales or is obsolete in comparison to Wittgenstein’s own insights. Against such assessments, this article posits that Wittgenstein’s and Dilthey’s thought m…Read more
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    Is religion natural? Religion, naturalism and near-naturalism
    International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 81 (4): 351-368. 2020.
    In this article I argue that the kind of scientific naturalism that tends to underwrite projects of naturalizing religion operates with a tacit conception of nature which, upon closer inspection, t...
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    Errata zu: Ist der Naturalismus eine Ideologie?
    Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 68 (3): 492-493. 2020.
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    Ist der Naturalismus eine Ideologie?
    Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie 68 (1): 51-71. 2020.
    Naturalism is the current orthodoxy in analytic philosophy. Naturalism is the conjunction of the claim that all that truly exists are the entities countenanced by the natural sciences and the claim that the only true knowledge is natural-scientific knowledge. Drawing on some recent work in Critical Theory, this article argues that naturalism qualifies as an ideology. This is the case because naturalism meets three key aspects shared by paradigmatic cases of ideology: naturalism has practical con…Read more
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    Is Naturalism Coherent? Naturalism is the philosophical orthodoxy of the late 20th and early 21st century. However, the content of naturalism is unclear. I aim to demonstrate that naturalism cannot be formulated coherently. I offer two main arguments. First, naturalism presupposes the unity of science thesis; but the unity of science thesis has come under serious attack. But even if the naturalist successfully entitles herself to the unity of science thesis, naturalism is still subject to an arg…Read more