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    After introducing the concept of compressed sensing as a complementary measurement mode to the classical Shannon-Nyquist approach, I discuss some of the drivers, potential challenges and obstacles to its implementation. I end with a speculative attempt to embed compressed sensing as an enabling methodology within the emergence of data-driven discovery. As a consequence I predict the growth of non-nomological sciences where heuristic correlations will find applications but often bypass convention…Read more
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    Are We All Scientific Experts Now (review)
    Physics Today 68 52. 2015.
    Book review of Harry Collins book 'Are we all scientific experts now?'
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    How fast should we innovate?
    Journal of Responsible Innovation 3 (3): 255-259. 2013.
    The role of speed in innovations needs to be explored more thoroughly. I advocate here that for innovations which rely on scarce materials, research into more abundant substitutes needs to be accelerated while a regulatory-driven extension of the product life should slow down the number of incremental innovations and reduce our overall footprint on scarce resources. Chemical elements need to be established as global commons whose overuse can be regulated if required. Part of the efficiency gains…Read more
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    Buying Time – Using Nanotechnologies and Other Emerging Technologies For A Sustainable Future
    In Ulrich Fiedeler, Christopher Coenen, Sarah E. Davies & Arianna Ferrari (eds.), Understanding Nanotechnology, Aka Verlag. pp. 43-60. 2010.
    Abstract: Science and emerging technologies should not be predominantly tasked with furnishing us with more sustainable societies. Continuous short-term technological bail outs without taking into account the longer socio-cultural incubation times required to transition to ‘weakly sustainable’ economies squander valuable resources and time. Emerging technologies need to be deployed strategically to buy time in order to have extended political, social and ethical discussions about the root-causes…Read more