• Assessing Mothers’ Parenting Stress: Differences Between One- and Two-Child Families in China
    with Guoying Qian, Jin Mei, and Gang Dou
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2021.
    This study aimed to investigate mothers’ parenting stress and explore its relationship with associated demographic variables in two-child families involving preschool children. A sample of 621 two-child families and a comparison group of 319 one-child families from China participated in the study; the children were aged between 3 and 7. The results showed that mothers of two-child families had higher parenting stress than those of one-child families; within the two-child families, demographic va…Read more
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    Building Up a Robust Risk Mathematical Platform to Predict Colorectal Cancer
    with Chunqiu le ZhangZheng, Lei Xing, Han Zeng, Tingting Li, Huan Yang, Jia Cao, Badong Chen, and Ziyuan Zhou
    Complexity 1-14. 2017.
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    Future Time Perspective Impacts Gain-Related but Not Loss-Related Intertemporal Choice
    with Yuxin Tan, Xianmin Gong, Shufei Yin, Fangshu Qiu, and Xue Hu
    Frontiers in Psychology 9. 2018.