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    Soul Space
    Wopublications. 2019.
    SOUL SPACE is a poetic photo book about the ways in which God is manifest as a hidden travel advisor. Challenging the existing religious communities, Soul Space announces the birth of the eMigrant - an electronic Deity that will alter our world in an unprecedented manner. Soul Space combines philosophy and photography in an inquiry into religious experience. The book covers the first part of a trilogy aiming to study and elaborate three different perspectives on the nature of God. Soul Space add…Read more
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    The Artistic Turn
    Dutch Internet Journal BLIND! 29 (Macht). 2012.
    We are living in an increasingly complex world. How are we able to cope with this complexity and the difficulties that arise from it? Can philosophy and art, classified as the two utmost useless and pointless disciplines, have any (positive) influence on the urgent and pressing problems at hand? And, related to this, if the two have more than just their uselessness in common, how, then, are philosophy and art related? In this article, I will argue that although ‘useless’ disciplines such as phil…Read more
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    Over Schuld en Schaamte
    Wopublications. 2016.
    Violence turns hope and expectation into guilt and shame. This publication discusses the outcome of a philosophical and artistic investigation into complex patterns of behaviour. Negative connotations and positive aspects of guilt and shame are connected convincingly to the artistic process which is used by the artist to produce new work. As a consequence, a different light is shed on the concepts of guilt and shame. The author shows in an intriguing way how adapting an artistic attitude can hel…Read more
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    De Artistieke Wending
    BLIND! 29 (Macht): --. 2012.
    De onmacht van deskundigen om de crisis te bezweren komt voort uit een deficiënte benadering van de problemen. Volgens kunstenaar en filosofe Tine Wilde is een Artistieke Wending nodig om complexe vraagstukken zoals de crisis op te kunnen lossen. In dit artikel pleit zij voor het toepassen van de intuïtieve aanpak die filosofen en kunstenaars hanteren, 'vertraagd onbewust nadenken'. In deze houding ligt de macht vervat, waarover in principe ieder van ons kan beschikken. Dit is een indirecte mach…Read more
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    Reflectieve dynamiek in het latere werk van Wittgenstein
    Algemeen Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Wijsbegeerte 96 (2): 85-113. 2004.
    The point of Wittgenstein’s remarks on colour concerns, not so much colours as such, as well as our ability to see [that implies both seeing ánd thinking] and our capacity to imagine something. This can be seen from the fact that Wittgenstein relates the notion of ‘seeing aspects’ on the one hand to the colour octahedron in PB, and on the other hand to the colour puzzles as discussed in ROC. This connection between Wittgenstein’s remarks on colour, on seeing aspects and on certainty makes clear …Read more
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    Normativity and Novelty
    In Georg Gasser, Christian Kanzian & Edmund Runggaldier (eds.), Cultures: Conflict-Analysis-Dialog. Papers of the 29th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society. pp. 370-372. 2006.
    In this paper I argue that the notion of aspect seeing is a substantial tool to shed light on the question whether rule-following is something necessary individual or social and on how this issue is connected to novelty. Bloor's (1997) insights will be used as representative of the social primacy of rule-following and Luntley (2003) will be taken up in order to examine an example of the individual stance. Weighing pros and cons and taking the notion of aspect seeing into account, these insights …Read more
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    Remodel[l]ing Reality is an inquiry into Wittgenstein's notion of übersichtliche Darstellung and the phenomenon of installation in visual art. In a sense, both provide a perspicuous overview of a particular part of our complex world, but the nature of the overview differs. Although both generate knowledge, philosophy via the übersichtliche Darstellung gives us a view of how things stand for us, while the installation shows an unexpected, exiting point of view. The obvious we tend to forget and…Read more
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    Remodel[l]ing Reality (Dutch only)
    BLIND! 4 --. 2005.
    Dit artikel gaat over de gecompliceerde relatie tussen kunst en informatie. Alle kunst is informatie, kunnen we zeggen, maar niet alle informatie is kunst! Of om het anders te zeggen: we willen niet enkel worden geïnformeerd, maar ook geïnspireerd.
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    The 4th Dimension. Wittgenstein on Colour and Imagination
    In Christian Kanzian, Josef Quitterer & Edmund Runggaldier (eds.), Persons. An Interdisciplinary Approach. Papers of the 25th International Wittgenstein Symposium, Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society. pp. 284-286. 2002.
    In this paper I first discuss the colour-octahedron and the position of this model as an idealized system with respect to the remarks on colour-concepts in Remarks on Colour (RC). The next part examines the notion of aspect seeing in the light of the colour-octahedron and RC. From there a connection is made with On Certainty (OC). By linking the remarks on colour, seeing aspects and certainty, it may become clear that the investigations of Wittgenstein concerning colour and certainty direct us t…Read more