• In order to solve the problems of poor physical fitness of college students and low efficiency of college sport venues' management, an intelligent sports management system based on deep learning technology is designed by using information technology and human-computer interaction under artificial intelligence. Based on the Browser/Server structure, the intelligent sports management system is constructed. The basic framework of Spring Cloud is used to integrate the framework and components of eac…Read more
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    Functions of Learning Rate in Adaptive Reward Learning
    with Xi Wu, Chang Liu, Tao Wu, Jiefeng Jiang, Dong Zhou, and Jiliu Zhou
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11. 2017.
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    Exploring the Effect of Red and Blue on Cognitive Task Performances
    with Tiansheng Xia, Lu Song, Ling Tan, and Lei Mo
    Frontiers in Psychology 7. 2016.
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    Discourse on nationalism in China’s traditional cultural education: Teachers’ perspectives
    with Xi Wang
    Educational Philosophy and Theory 50 (12): 1089-1100. 2018.
    Education of Chinese cultural traditions has been endorsed by the central government in Mainland China in recent years. The article presents a study which examined how nationalism advocated in the policy text has been interpreted at the localized level by primary school teachers in Beijing. The study draws on discourse theories as the primary point of reference. The qualitative coding methods and textual analysis were employed to interpret the meanings of 52 interview transcripts of public prima…Read more
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    Transposable elements are no longer considered to be “junk” DNA. Here, we review how TEs can impact gene regulation systematically. TEs encode various regulatory elements that enables them to regulate gene expression. RJ Britten and EH Davidson hypothesized that TEs can integrate the function of various transcriptional regulators into gene regulatory networks. Uniquely TEs can deposit regulatory sites across the genome when they transpose, and thereby bring multiple genes under control of the sa…Read more
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    Score-based tests of measurement invariance: use in practice
    with Edgar C. Merkle and Achim Zeileis
    Frontiers in Psychology 5. 2014.
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    The Minimal Eating Observation Form-II : cross-cultural validation of the Chinese version for people with stroke
    with Hong Jiang, Albert Westergren, Junqiao Wang, and Liang Wang
    Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 22 (2): 207-212. 2016.