• The trend of the modern model of sprinter strength training
    with Vadim Borisovich Zelichenok
    Kant 38 (1): 204-208. 2021.
    The article presents the results of a study aimed at forming a general model of sprinter strength training, taking into account modern trends and scientific achievements, presented in the form of technology and combined techniques aimed at developing the physical quality under study. The general model was based on an approach based on the concentration of a given focus at specific stages of sports training, which determined the requirements for the distribution of the volume of training load whi…Read more
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    Two nonidentical dimension Markovian jumping complex networks with stochastic perturbations are taken as objects. The network models under two conditions including single weight and double weights are established, respectively, to study the problem of synchronization and identification. A finite-time projection lag synchronization method is proposed and the unknown parameters of the network are identified. First of all, based on Itô’s formula and the stability theory of finite-time, a credible f…Read more
  • Kongzi Ji Yu
    with Xingyan Sun and Yi Ruan
    . 1989.
  •  45
    Analysis of the status of informed consent in medical research involving human subjects in public hospitals in Shanghai
    with Wang Jianping, Lan Li, Zhongjin di XueTang, Xieyang Jia, Rong Wu, Yiqun Xi, and Ping Zhou
    Journal of Medical Ethics 36 (7): 415-419. 2010.