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    ‘As One Does’: Understanding Heidegger's Account ofdas Man
    European Journal of Philosophy 26 (1): 430-448. 2018.
    : Heidegger describes Dasein as subject to a constant pressure to bring its intentional performances into agreement with those of its peers and thence with a generic description of ‘what one [das Man] does’, called Dasein's conformism. I argue that extant accounts of this pressure, which appeal to the essential social embeddedness of intentional performance, fail to account for both the scope and modal force of the demand to act as one does. I propose that we can better understand the role of da…Read more
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    Objectivity and Reflection in Heidegger’s Theory of Intentionality
    Journal of the American Philosophical Association 2 (1): 111--130. 2016.
    Heidegger claims that Dasein’s capacity for adopting intentional stances toward the world is grounded in the reflective structure of its being, which dictates that Dasein exists for the sake of a possibility of itself. Commentators have glossed this reflective structure in terms of the idea that our subjection to the normative demands of intentionality is grounded in a basic commitment to upholding an identity-concept, such as an occupation or social role. I argue that this gloss has serious adv…Read more