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    The Grammar of Code Switching
    with Marcus Kracht
    Journal of Logic, Language and Information 23 (3): 313-329. 2014.
    The idea that language is a homogeneous code is a massive simplification. In actual fact, we constantly use a wide array of codes, be they other languages, dialects, registers, or special purpose codes . In this paper we provide a formal analysis of code switching
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    A quantization procedure without Hamiltonian is reported which starts from a statistical ensemble of particles of mass m and an associated continuity equation. The basic variables of this theory are a probability density ρ, and a scalar field S which defines a probability current j=ρ ∇ S/m. A first equation for ρ and S is given by the continuity equation. We further assume that this system may be described by a linear differential equation for a complex-valued state variable χ. Using these assum…Read more
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    Empty-Set Effects in Quantifier Interpretation
    with Oliver Bott and Fabian Schlotterbeck
    Journal of Semantics 36 (1): 99-163. 2019.
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    Experimental history and Herman Boerhaave’s chemistry of plants
    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C: Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 34 (4): 533-567. 2003.
    In the early eighteenth century, chemistry became the main academic locus where, in Francis Bacon's words, Experimenta lucifera were performed alongside Experimenta fructifera and where natural philosophy was coupled with natural history and 'experimental history' in the Baconian and Boyleian sense of an inventory and exploration of the extant operations of the arts and crafts. The Dutch social and political system and the institutional setting of the university of Leiden endorsed this empiricis…Read more
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    Philosophy of Chemistry. Between the Manifest and the Scientific Image
    Journal for General Philosophy of Science / Zeitschrift für Allgemeine Wissenschaftstheorie 33 (1): 168-174. 2002.
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    Corrigendum: Philosophy of Chemistry
    Erkenntnis 57 (1): 133-136. 2002.
    Line 24 on page 218 in the July number of this volume of Philosophy should read as follows: naturally out of matter itself lifeless or that consciousness and intelli-
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    Contextually enriched argument linking
    In Rita Finkbeiner, Jörg Meibauer & Petra Schumacher (eds.), What is a Context?: Linguistic Approaches and Challenges, John Benjamins. pp. 196--199. 2012.