• Kuramsallığın İade-i İtibarı:Yeniden tutkulu düşünmek
    Felsefe Tartismalari 33 101-108. 2004.
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    Kant, The Actualist Principle, and The Fate of the Only Possible Proof
    Journal of the History of Philosophy 55 (2): 261-291. 2017.
    one important product of kant's pre-critical metaphysics is the proof of God's existence that he presented in The Only Possible Argument of 1763.1 Kant's proof moves from what I will call here the 'actualist principle', every real possibility must be grounded in actuality, to the conclusion that there exists a unique necessary being, i.e. an ens realissimum, which grounds all real possibility. The pre-critical proof deserves interest in its own right, for not only does it have an intriguing logi…Read more
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    Kant's Only Possible Argument and Chignell's Real Harmony
    Kantian Review 19 (1): 1-25. 2014.
    Andrew Chignell recently proposed an original reconstruction of Kant's for the existence of God. Chignell claims that what motivates the of Kant's proof, , is the requirement that the predicates of a really possible thing must be , i.e. compatible in an extra-logical or metaphysical sense. I take issue with Chignell's reconstruction. First, the pre-Critical Kant does not present as a general condition of real possibility. Second, the real harmony requirement is not what motivates the of the proo…Read more