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    Routledge Handbook of Macroeconomic Methodology (edited book)
    with Bert Tieben and Jesper Jespersen
    Routledge. 2023.
    This Handbook will give a structured presentation of the study of the methods by which macroeconomics is researched, taught and communicated both within academia and to a wider audience, and why specific theories, research strategies and teaching are preferred. An international range of experts provide clear analysis of the concepts, ideas and principles to give academics, students and others a better understanding of the macroeconomics behind policy conclusions which are put forward at differen…Read more
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    Economics and the Good Life: Keynes and Schumacher
    Economic Thought 2 (2): 33. 2013.
    It is, I think, interesting to compare the views of E. F. Schumacher and J. M. Keynes on the ethical aspects of economics – both the economic systems of which they were a part and economics as a subject. Both agreed that economics (as commonly understood and taught) applied to only a limited sphere of life. They agreed about the role of profits, the market and the love of money. And they both believed that there was much more to life than getting and spending. For Keynes, economic activity was t…Read more