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    Corporate Reputation’s Invisible Hand: Bribery, Rational Choice, and Market Penalties
    with Naomi A. Gardberg and Noushi Rahman
    Journal of Business Ethics 151 (3): 743-760. 2018.
    Drawing upon rational choice and investor attention theories, we examine how accusations of corporate bribery and subsequent investigations shape market reactions. Using event study methodology to measure loss in firm value for public firms facing bribery investigations from 1978 to 2010, we found that total market penalties amounted to $60.61 billion. We ran moderated multiple regression analysis to examine further the degree to which the unique characteristics of bribery explain variations in …Read more
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    Bribery in MNEs: The Dynamics of Corruption Culture Distance and Organizational Distance to Core Values
    with Noushi Rahman
    Journal of Business Ethics 159 (3): 817-835. 2019.
    We examine how corporate bribery is impacted by cultural distance between multinational enterprises home and host countries, and organizational distance to core values between MNE entry modes and MNE headquarters. Tension between external and internal legitimacy helps to explain why cultural and organizational distances will affect MNE bribery. The empirical analysis used data from cross-border transactions by MNEs that were sanctioned by US regulatory officials between 1978 and 2011. We find st…Read more