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    Launch of the Canadian Journal of Bioethics/Lancement de la Revue canadienne de bioéthique
    with Bryn Williams-Jones, Charles Dupras, and Renaud Boulanger
    Canadian Journal of Bioethics/Revue canadienne de bioéthique 1 (1): 1-3. 2018.
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    Merging arts and bioethics: An interdisciplinary experiment in cultural and scientific mediation
    with Jean-Christophe Bélisle-Pipon, Marianne Cloutier, and Catherine Barnabé
    Bioethics 31 (8): 616-630. 2017.
    How to engage the public in a reflection on the most pressing ethical issues of our time? What if part of the solution lies in adopting an interdisciplinary and collaborative strategy to shed light on critical issues in bioethics? An example is Art + Bioéthique, an innovative project that brought together bioethicists, art historians and artists with the aim of expressing bioethics through arts in order to convey the “sensitive” aspect of many health ethics issues. The aim of this project was th…Read more
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    Reproductive outsourcing: an empirical ethics account of cross-border reproductive care in Canada
    with Régen Drouin, Jean-Marie Moutquin, Patricia Monnier, and Chantal Bouffard
    Journal of Medical Ethics 45 (1): 41-47. 2019.
    Cross-border reproductive care can be defined as the movement from one jurisdiction to another for medically assisted reproduction. CBRC raises many ethical concerns that have been addressed extensively. However, the conclusions are still based on scarce evidence even considering the global scale of CBRC. Empirical ethics appears as a way to foster this ethical reflection on CBRC while attuning it with the experiences of its main actors. To better understand the ‘in and out’ situation of CBRC in…Read more
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    Gender Eugenics Between Medicine, Culture, and Society
    with Régen Drouin, Anne-Sophie Ponsot, Frédérique Duplain-Laferrière, and Chantal Bouffard
    American Journal of Bioethics 13 (10). 2013.
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    Imagining Truly Open Access Bioethics: From Dreams to Reality
    with Bryn Williams-Jones, Renaud Boulanger, and Charles Dupras
    American Journal of Bioethics 17 (10): 19-20. 2017.