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    „Kauza Afthonios“: Ilustrácia k otázke správneho riešenia antických paradoxov
    Organon F: Medzinárodný Časopis Pre Analytickú Filozofiu 1 (20): 88-103. 2014.
    The article deals with the question of correct reconstruction of and solutions to the ancient paradoxes. Analyzing one contemporary example of a reconstruction of the so-called Crocodile Paradox, taken from Sorensen’s A Brief History of Paradox, the author shows how the original pattern of paradox could have been incorrectly transformed in its meaning by overlooking its adequate historical background. Sorensen’s quoting of Aphthonius, as the author of a certain solution to the paradox, seems to …Read more
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    Essays on Aristotle's Sea-Battle, Lazy Argument, Argument Reaper, Diodorus' Master Argument
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    Looking for the Lazy Argument Candidates
    Organon F: Medzinárodný Časopis Pre Analytickú Filozofiu 18 (3 & 4). 2011.
    The Lazy Argument, as it is preserved in historical testimonies, is not logically conclusive. In this form, it appears to have been proposed in favor of part-time fatalism (including past time fatalism). The argument assumes that free will assumption is unacceptable from the standpoint of the logical fatalist but plausible for some of the nonuniversal or part-time fatalists. There are indications that the layout of argument is not genuine, but taken over from a Megarian source and later transfor…Read more
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    Toward a Demarcation of Forms of Determinism
    Organon F: Medzinárodný Časopis Pre Analytickú Filozofiu 24 (1): 54-84. 2017.
    In the current philosophical literature, determinism is rarely defined explicitly. This paper attempts to show that there are in fact many forms of determinism, most of which are familiar, and that these can be differentiated according to their particular components. Recognizing the composite character of determinism is thus central to demarcating its various forms.
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    Callimachus' Puzzle about Diodorus
    Organon F: Medzinárodný Časopis Pre Analytickú Filozofiu 2 (4): 342-367. 1995.
    The author tends to emphasize that there are at least three reasons to analyze Callimachus\' epigram about Diodorus : First of all, the date of this epigram shows us that it represents the earliest information about Diodorus doctrine. Second, another support of its authenticity could be found in fact that this epigram expressing part of the atmosphere following, and also remaining after, discussing the Diodorian topics. Third, its philosophical relevance, usually minimized in classical literatur…Read more
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    Some Sketchy Notes on the Reaper Argument
    Organon F: Medzinárodný Časopis Pre Analytickú Filozofiu 19 (3): 361-387. 2012.
    The paper deals with the possible readings of The Reaper Argument premisses. Some conjectures related to the Stoics’ alleged proof of the argument are discussed.