Parkville, Victoria, Australia
  • State legitimacy and Third World conflicts
    Journal of Global Faultlines 9 (1): 69-82. 2022.
    Dealing with the post-World War II security issues, in this article I outline an approach that takes into account the context of the weak states in Third World environments. In this respect, first of all I make a case that domestic politics should be factored in the security concerns of states. Especially in the Third World context domestic political and social dissentions become key factors in defining foreign policy behavior of such states. Secondly, I highlight regional context, especially un…Read more
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    CEO Tenure, CEO Compensation, Corporate Social and Environmental Performance in China: The Moderating Role of Coastal and Non-coastal Areas
    with Talat Mehmood Khan, Gang Bai, Zeeshan Fareed, Shakir Quresh, and Zameer Khalid
    Frontiers in Psychology 11 574062. 2021.
    This study uncovers a new finding on the impact of CEO tenure on corporate social and environmental performance (CS&EP) in coastal and non-coastal areas of China using fixed-effect panel data regression models. The Two-Stage Least Squares instrumental panel regression is used to validate the veracity of the empirical results. To this end, we extract data from all non-financial Chinese listed firms for the period of 2009 to 2015. By applying the multivariant framework, the findings of the study e…Read more