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    This study explores how and when ethical leadership predicts three forms of team-level creativity, namely team creativity, average of member creativity, and dispersion of member creativity. The results, based on 230 members of 44 knowledge work teams from Chinese organizations, showed that ethical leadership was positively related to team creativity and average of member creativity but was negatively related to dispersion of member creativity. Consistent with the predictions of uncertainty reduc…Read more
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    The sampling-based motion planner is the mainstream method to solve the motion planning problem in high-dimensional space. In the process of exploring robot configuration space, this type of algorithm needs to perform collision query on a large number of samples, which greatly limits their planning efficiency. Therefore, this paper uses machine learning methods to establish a probabilistic model of the obstacle region in configuration space by learning a large number of labeled samples. Based on…Read more
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    MOFSRank: A Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm for Feature Selection in Learning to Rank
    with Fan Cheng and Xingyi Zhang
    Complexity 2018 1-14. 2018.
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    I-GANs for Infrared Image Generation
    with Bing Li, Yong Xian, Juan Su, and Da Q. Zhang
    Complexity 2021 1-11. 2021.
    The making of infrared templates is of great significance for improving the accuracy and precision of infrared imaging guidance. However, collecting infrared images from fields is difficult, of high cost, and time-consuming. In order to address this problem, an infrared image generation method, infrared generative adversarial networks, based on conditional generative adversarial networks architecture is proposed. In I-GANs, visible images instead of random noise are used as the inputs, and the D…Read more
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    In "Literary Variation of Indian Buddhist Stories in Chinese 志怪 Novels," Wei Guo discusses Buddhist Sutra scriptures which have been a reservoir of inspiration for Zhiguai novels since their first introduction in Chinese literature. Buddhist texts were less relevant for the "documentary" tradition of Chinese literature owing to their rough structure, vague context, and lack of a sense of history and reality, since they were originally intended as texts of didacticism. Hence, in order to integrat…Read more
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    Self-contribution may be an influential factor in fairness consideration and consequent behavioral decisions. Few studies have investigated simultaneous effects of task difficulty and self-contribution on fairness consideration outcomes and associated neurophysiological responses. To elucidate modulation effects of task difficulty and self-contribution on fairness consideration, 30 recruited participants played a modified ultimatum game while undergoing event-related potential measurements. A 2 …Read more
  • Lao Zhuang zhe xue yu dao xue
    Fa xing zhe Xing guo chu ban she. 1977.
  • Li ze xue
    Zong jing xiao fu wen shu ju. 1977.
  • Lost in translation: How neurons cope with tRNA decoding
    with Stefano Russo and Francesca Tuorto
    Bioessays. forthcoming.
    Post‐transcriptional tRNA modifications contribute to the decoding efficiency of tRNAs by supporting codon recognition and tRNA stability. Recent work shows that the molecular and cellular functions of tRNA modifications and tRNA‐modifying‐enzymes are linked to brain development and neurological disorders. Lack of these modifications affects codon recognition and decoding rate, promoting protein aggregation and translational stress response pathways with toxic consequences to the cell. In this r…Read more