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    Attention and working memory are important cognitive functions that affect junior school students’ learning ability and academic performance. This study aimed to explore the relationships among trait mindfulness, attention, and working memory and to explore differences in performance between a high trait mindfulness group and a low one in attention and working memory under different stressful situations. In study 1, 216 junior school students completed the Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire, a…Read more
  • There are various types of mixed siliciclastic-carbonate sediments developed in the Bohai Sea area during the period of the first to second member of the Shahejie Formation of the Paleocene. We have concluded that the period of E2s1-2 was very suitable for the development of carbonate minerals and organisms because of the stable tectonic background, the weak siliciclastic influence of large source systems outside the basin, and the high salinity of the water. There were many local uplifts inside…Read more
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    Mixed siliciclastic-carbonate sediments occur broadly in modern and ancient systems. Studies on mixing processes began in shallow shelf environments; however, the genetic model of marine mixed sediments is difficult to apply to continental rift basins due to the complex palaeogeographic environment. We identified three mixing types in the first and second members of the Palaeogene Shahejie Formation in the Qinhuangdao area of the Bohai Sea: mixed fan delta, retrogradation mixed sheet, and mixed …Read more
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    Multiobjective Optimization Model of Production Planning in Cloud Manufacturing Based on TOPSIS Method with Combined Weights
    with Zhiru Li, Huibin Shi, Qingshan Zhang, and Fengyi He
    Complexity 2019 1-15. 2019.
    Combined with the research of mass customization and cloud manufacturing mode, this paper discussed the production planning of mass customization enterprises in the context of cloud manufacturing in detail, analyzed the attribute index of manufacturing resource combination, and given a system considering the characteristics of batch production in mass customization and the decentralization of manufacturing resources in cloud manufacturing environment. Then, a multiobjective optimization model ha…Read more
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    Stochastic fractional-order systems or stochastic vibro-impact systems can present rich dynamical behaviors, and lots of studies dealing with stochastic fractional-order systems or stochastic vibro-impact systems are available now, while the discussion on the stochastic systems with both vibro-impact factors and fractional derivative element is rare. This paper is concerned with the stochastic bifurcation of a fractional-order vibro-impact system driven by additive and multiplicative Gaussian wh…Read more
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    Source-to-sink system and its sedimentary records in the continental rift basins: An example from the Paleogene in the Bohai Sea Area, China
    with Changgui Xu, Xiaofeng Du, Hongtao Zhu, Donghui Jia, and Huan Lu
    Interpretation: SEG 5 (4). 2017.
    The “source-to-sink” concept originated in the study of global change and atmospheric pollution. In recent years, the concept of a source-to-sink system has been widely applied in continental margin sedimentary analysis. In our research, the idea of source-to-sink is applied to the continental rift basin sedimentary system in the Bohai Sea area. The idea emphasizes that the sedimentation dynamics, including erosion, transportation, and accumulation, are considered as a complete source-to-sink sy…Read more
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    Location Decision-Making of Equipment Manufacturing Enterprise under Dual-Channel Purchase and Sale Mode
    with Lina Liu, Qingshan Zhang, and Peng Liu
    Complexity 2018 1-16. 2018.
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    Computational design of precipitation strengthened austenitic heat-resistant steels
    with Qi Lu and Sybrand van der Zwaag
    Philosophical Magazine 93 (25): 3391-3412. 2013.
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    Time-Delayed Feedback Control in the Multiple Attractors Wind-Induced Vibration Energy Harvesting System
    with Qin Guo, Zhongkui Sun, and Ying Zhang
    Complexity 2019 1-11. 2019.