•  6
    Moderate Deviations for Stochastic Fractional Heat Equation Driven by Fractional Noise
    with Xichao Sun and Ming Li
    Complexity 2018 1-17. 2018.
  •  11
    The Fractional Kalman Filter-Based Asynchronous Multirate Sensor Information Fusion
    with Guangyue Xue, Yubin Xu, and Jing Guo
    Complexity 2018 1-10. 2018.
  •  12
    ‘Intelligent capitalism’ and the disappearance of labour: Whitherto education?
    Educational Philosophy and Theory 51 (8): 757-766. 2018.
    This speculative paper enquires into the discourse of the ‘end of labour’ or ‘disappearance of labour’ as a result of the development of ‘intelligent capitalism’ clearly seen in ‘intelligent manufacturing’ systems that are now pursued and developed as Industry 4.0 strategy in East Asia, Germany and others parts of the world. When ‘intelligent capitalism’ becomes the norm rather the exception what happens to labour as a factor of production and what happens to economy and society based on capital…Read more
  •  14
    In recent decades, economic globalization has grown significantly in affluent democracies. Taking this as a point of departure, we review social science research on the consequences of economic globalization for the state, the economy, and civil society. We advocate for a concrete position of empirical scrutiny, between the grand theorists and earlier empirical skeptics, and measure economic globalization as the heightening of international trade and investment. Social scientists have engaged in…Read more
  • Lu Jiuyuan Men Ren =
    Zhongguo She Hui Ke Xue Chu Ban She. 2009.