• A deep learning system for detecting diabetic retinopathy across the disease spectrum
    with Ling Dai, Liang Wu, Huating Li, Chun Cai, Qiang Wu, Hongyu Kong, Ruhan Liu, Xiangning Wang, Xuhong Hou, Yuexing Liu, Xiaoxue Long, Lina Lu, Yaxin Shen, Yan Chen, Dinggang Shen, Xiaokang Yang, Haidong Zou, Bin Sheng, and Weiping Jia
    Nature Communications 12 (1): 3242. 2021.
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    Performance Management of Special Fund for Sports Industry Development in Jiangsu Province
    with Xu Chen, Tianyi Gu, and Fangliang Yu
    Complexity 2021 1-15. 2021.
    In 2011, Jiangsu Province set up the guidance fund for sports industry. In 2016, Jiangsu Provincial Finance Department jointly issued the document with Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau, which was changed to “Jiangsu Special Fund for Sports Industry Development.” By 2019, Jiangsu Province has funded 1,009 sports industry development projects with a total investment of 796.6 million yuan. The effect of the investment has attracted extensive attention from the government, society, and enterprises. …Read more
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    Consumer Responses to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in China
    with Zhilong Tian and Rui Wang
    Journal of Business Ethics 101 (2): 197-212. 2011.
    This research explores how consumers respond to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in China with a multiproduct, comparative survey. Empirical results conclude that (1) Chinese consumers, who show a high level of awareness and trust of CSR, are more likely to transform a good CSR record into positive corporate evaluation, product association, and purchase intention; (2) Consumer responses to CSR vary across different product categories. Those firms selling experience products (vs. search and …Read more