• A Conditional Process Model to Explain Somatization During Coronavirus Disease 2019 Epidemic: The Interaction Among Resilience, Perceived Stress, and Sex
    with Fangfang Shangguan, Chenhao Zhou, Wei Qian, Zhengkui Liu, and Xiang Yang Zhang
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    BackgroundMore than 15% of Chinese respondents reported somatic symptoms in the last week of January 2020. Promoting resilience is a possible target in crisis intervention that can alleviate somatization.ObjectivesThis study aims to investigate the relationship between resilience and somatization, as well as the underlying possible mediating and moderating mechanism, in a large sample of Chinese participants receiving a crisis intervention during the coronavirus disease 2019 epidemic.MethodsPart…Read more
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    The system reachability set is calculated by covering all possible behaviours of the system through a finite number of simulation steps to ensure that the system trajectory stays within a set safety region. In this paper, the theory of the game method is applied to the design of the controller, a very small controller is designed, and good control results are obtained by simulation. The system gradually shows a divergent trend and cannot achieve stable control. A multihop channel reservation Med…Read more
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    Association of Stress-Related Factors With Anxiety Among Chinese Pregnant Participants in an Online Crisis Intervention During COVID-19 Epidemic
    with Fangfang Shangguan, Ruoxi Wang, Xiao Quan, Chenhao Zhou, Wei Qian, Yongjie Zhou, Zhengkui Liu, and Xiang Yang Zhang
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    Background: Previous systematic review indicated the prevalence of prenatal anxiety as 14–54%. Pregnant women are a high-risk population for COVID-19. However, the prevalence of anxiety symptoms and related factors is unknown in Chinese pregnant women during COVID-19 outbreak.Objective: To investigate the prevalence of anxiety symptoms and the related factors in Chinese pregnant women who were attending crisis intervention during the COVID-19 pandemic.Methods: The data of this cross-sectional st…Read more
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    How does creativity influence dishonest behavior? An empirical study of Chinese students
    with Jixia Wu, Zhaoning Yang, and Garon Perceval
    Ethics and Behavior 1-15. forthcoming.