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    Aesthetic Rationality
    American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 94 (1): 91-103. 2020.
    Despite Newman’s negligible direct familiarity with the works and thought of John Duns Scotus, there has been recent discussion of affinities between the two along a range of philosophical approaches and sensibilities. These notes introduce the thesis that both Scotus and Newman share a disposition to appeal to aesthetic rationality when it comes to asserting certain basic truths critical to Christian understanding. Recent Scotus studies have demonstrated the deep and pervasive presence of the a…Read more
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    Linda Trinkhaus Zagzebski, 2017 Aquinas Medalist
    Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 91 17-19. 2017.
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    The Return to Cosmology (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 38 (3): 695-697. 1985.
    This book collects Stephen Toulmin's thoughts about philosophical cosmology as it has developed over the past thirty years. The development shows three distinct phases. Representing the first phase is Part 1 of the book entitled "Scientific Mythology". Part 2 is entitled "A Consideration of Cosmologists". And his latest thinking is developed in Part 3, "The Future of Cosmology: Postmodern Science and Natural Religion." The last part is the most interesting, and is surely the reason for the book.…Read more
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    A Treatise on God as First Principle (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 38 (1): 149-151. 1984.
    In this book the foremost philosophical exegete of Scotus's thought presents an extensive commentary on a metaphysical masterpiece of the great Franciscan master. As many well know, A Treatise on God is one of the most sustained purely philosophical arguments for the existence and nature of God to come from the middle ages. But the original work makes hard reading. Informing Scotus's argumentation are a host of vital metaphysical doctrines that barely reach the surface of the written text. Witho…Read more
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    John Duns Scotus' Quodlibetal Teaching on the Will
    Dissertation, The Catholic University of America. 1982.
    The work provides a safe edition of Duns Scotus' Quaestiones quodlibetales qq. 16, 17, and 18, together with a commentary that develops Scotus' mature teaching on the will. The intent here is to present a textually accurate and philosophically significant sketch of the Subtle Doctor's quodlibetal teaching on the will. ;To insure a reliable text, an edition of the three questions is generated from three manuscripts judged by the Scotus Commission to be sufficient for the purpose: Munich Staatsbib…Read more
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    William A. Frank and Allan B. Wolter, Duns Scotus, Metaphysician (review)
    International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 43 (2): 125-127. 1998.
    Review of Allan B. Wolter and Daniel A. Frank, Duns Scotus: Metaphysician
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    Duns Scotus on the Will and Morality (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 41 (1): 131-133. 1987.
    With this book Allan Wolter makes available the essential writings of Duns Scotus on the will and morality. The book fills a major lacuna in medieval and Scotistic studies. In making the book Wolter tells us that his primary purpose was twofold. First of all, he wished to "correct common misconceptions that arose because of [Scotus's] voluntarist notion of God's relationship to creatures". The means he chose toward this therapeutic end in the history of philosophy is simply a matter of putting f…Read more
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    The idea of translating Gerdil into English is brilliant, the translation is very good and the introduction of William Frank precise and inspiring.... Rousseau proposes a complete break with tradition. A new man will arise who is severed from the whole heritage of the past. With him the history of mankind begins anew. In one sense we have here a transposition in the field of philosophy of education of the Cartesian cogito. The subject begins with himself. To this philosophical project Gerdil opp…Read more
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    From the Nature of Mind to Personal Dignity (review)
    American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 81 (4): 669-671. 2007.
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    The Cambridge Companion to Duns Scotus (review)
    American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 80 (1): 146-150. 2006.
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    A Philosophy of Hope (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 60 (3): 689-691. 2007.
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    Hyacinth Gerdil's Anti-Emile
    Review of Metaphysics 61 (2): 237-261. 2007.
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    William Ockham (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 42 (4): 817-818. 1989.
    This massive study makes an important contribution to the history of philosophy for two reasons. First of all, it stands as the most complete and careful philosophical analysis of Ockham's thought to date. Adams's expositions and analyses will become the gloss which generations of students will have to reckon with as they confront the text of Ockham. Secondly, this work represents an exemplary method of philosophical commentary, one that proves to be a remarkably illuminating way into the mind o…Read more