• Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science. Proceedings of the 13th International Congress (edited book)
    with C. Glymour and D. Westerstahl
    King’s College. 2009.
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    Performance Characterization for Fusion Co-design Applications
    with P. Narayanan, A. Koniges, L. Oliker, R. Preissl, S. Williams, N. Wright, M. Umansky, X. Xu, S. Ethier, Candy J., and J. Cary
    ABSTRACT: Magnetic fusion is a long-term solution for producing electrical power for the world, and the large thermonuclear international device being constructed will produce net energy and a path to fusion energy provided the computer modeling is accurate. To effectively address the requirements of the high-end fusion simulation community, application developers, algorithm designers, and hardware architects must have reliable simulation data gathered at scale for scientifically valid configura…Read more