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    Reciprocity and Cumulative Predication
    Natural Language Semantics 6 (3): 303-337. 1998.
    This paper investigates different readings of plural and reciprocal sentences and how they can be derived from syntactic surface structures in a systematic way. The main thesis is that these readings result from different ways of inserting logical operators at the level of Logical Form. The basic operator considered here is a cumulative mapping from predicates that apply to singularities onto the corresponding predicates that apply to pluralities. Given a theory which allows for free insertion o…Read more
  •  21
    Syntax - An international handbook of contemporary research (edited book)
    with Joachim Jacobs, Arnim von Stechow, and Theo Vennemann
    Walter de Gruyter. 1993.
  •  7
    Incremental generation of answers during the comprehension of questions with quantifiers
    with Oliver Bott, Petra Augurzky, and Rolf Ulrich
    Cognition 166 328-343. 2017.