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    Toward a Confucian Family-Oriented Health Care System for the Future of China
    with Y. Cao and R. Fan
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 36 (5): 452-465. 2011.
    Recently implemented Chinese health insurance schemes have failed to achieve a Chinese health care system that is family-oriented, family-based, family-friendly, or even financially sustainable. With this diagnosis in hand, the authors argue that a financially and morally sustainable Chinese health care system should have as its core family health savings accounts supplemented by appropriate health insurance plans. This essay’s arguments are set in the context of Confucian moral commitments that…Read more
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    NF-B mediates amyloid beta peptide-stimulated activity of the human apolipoprotein E gene promoter in human astroglial cells
    with Y. Du, X. Wei, K. R. Bales, D. T. Berg, S. M. Paul, M. R. Farlow, B. Maloney, Y. W. Ge, and D. K. Lahiri
    Brain Res Mol Brain Res 136 177-88. 2005.
    The apolipoprotein E gene plays an important role in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease , and amyloid plaque comprised mostly of the amyloid-beta peptide ) is one of the major hallmarks of AD. However, the relationship between these two important molecules is poorly understood. We examined how A treatment affects APOE expression in cultured cells and tested the role of the transcription factor NF-B in APOE gene regulation. To delineate NF-B's role, we have characterized a 1098 nucleotide se…Read more
  • A Methodology of Partitioning and Mapping for Given Regular Arrays with Lower Dimension
    with G. M. Megson
    University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, Computing Science. 1993.
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    Family-oriented Health Savings Accounts: Facing the Challenges of Health Care Allocation
    with R. Fan and Y. Cao
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 37 (6): 507-512. 2012.
  •  51
    Instrumental unification: Optical apparatus in the unification of dispersion and selective absorption
    Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part B: Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 30 (4): 519-542. 1999.
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    Dc-bias-field-induced dielectric relaxation and ac conduction in CaCu3Ti4O12ceramics
    with L. Liu, H. Fan, L. Wang, and P. Fang
    Philosophical Magazine 88 (4): 537-545. 2008.
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    The Family and Harmonious Medical Decision Making: Cherishing an Appropriate Confucian Moral Balance
    with R. Fan
    Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 35 (5): 573-586. 2010.
    This essay illustrates what the Chinese family-based and harmony-oriented model of medical decision making is like as well as how it differs from the modern Western individual-based and autonomy-oriented model in health care practice. The essay discloses the roots of the Chinese model in the Confucian account of the family and the Confucian view of harmony. By responding to a series of questions posed to the Chinese model by modern Western scholars in terms of the basic individualist concerns an…Read more