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    Positive youth development attributes, mental disorder, and problematic online behaviors in adolescents: a longitudinal study amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
    with Xiong Gan, Guo-Xing Xiang, Min Li, and Ke-Nan Qin
    Frontiers in Public Health 11 1133696. 2023.
    Introduction: During the COVID-19 pandemic, adolescents have increasingly suffered from online problem behaviors and mental disorders. But little research has paid attention to the protective factors among adolescents. Therefore, the present study attempted to investigate the role of positive youth development (PYD) attributes in adolescents’ depression, internet gaming disorder (IGD) and cyberbullying/victimization (CBV). Methods: A total of 995 Chinese adolescents (Mage = 15.97 years, SD = 0.7…Read more
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    Relaxation in Ni–Mn–Ga ferromagnetic shape memory alloys
    with D. Bono, C. Henry, J. Feuchtwanger, S. M. Allen, and R. C. O'Handley
    Philosophical Magazine 83 (28): 3193-3199. 2003.
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    Abundant evidence has proved an association between peer victimization and problematic online game use. However, the underlying mechanisms of this relation are still under-investigated. Grounded in the ecological system theory, this study examined whether deviant peer affiliation and school connectedness mediated the association between peer victimization and adolescent POGU. A sample of 698 Chinese adolescents completed questionnaires regarding peer victimization, problematic online game use, D…Read more