• Visualizing the mechanical activation of Src
    with Y. Wang, E. L. Botvinick, M. W. Berns, S. Usami, R. Y. Tsien, and S. Chien
    The mechanical environment crucially influences many cell functions 1. However, it remains largely mysterious how mechanical stimuli are transmitted into biochemical signals. Src is known to regulate the integrin-cytoskeleton interaction2, which is essential for the transduction of mechanical stimuli3-5. Using fluorescent resonance energy transfer, here we develop a genetically encoded Src reporter that enables the imaging and quantification of spatio-temporal activation of Src in live cells. We…Read more
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    Strong interface adhesion in Fe/TiC
    with J. -H. Lee, T. Shishidou, A. J. Freeman, and G. B. Olson
    Philosophical Magazine 85 (31): 3683-3697. 2005.