•  10
    Electrophysiological Correlates of Processing Warning Signs With Different Background Colors: An Event-Related Potentials Investigation
    with Jingpeng Yuan, Zhipeng Song, Huijian Fu, Xiao Liu, and Jun Bian
    Frontiers in Psychology 12. 2021.
    Warning signs, as a type of safety signs, are widely applied in our daily lives to informing people about potential hazards and prompting safe behavior. Although previous studies have paid attention to the color of warning signs, they are mostly based on surveys and behavioral experiments. The neural substrates underlying the perception of warning signs with different background colors remain not clearly characterized. Therefore, this research is intended to address this gap with event-related p…Read more
  •  14
    Multispectral coherence: Which decomposition should we use?
    with Bin Lyu, Jie Qi, Fangyu Li, Tao Zhao, Sumit Verma, and Kurt J. Marfurt
    Interpretation 8 (1). 2020.
    Seismic coherence is commonly used to delineate structural and stratigraphic discontinuities. We generally use full-bandwidth seismic data to calculate coherence. However, some seismic stratigraphic features may be buried in this full-bandwidth data but can be highlighted by certain spectral components. Due to thin-bed tuning phenomena, discontinuities in a thicker stratigraphic feature may be tuned and thus better delineated at a lower frequency, whereas discontinuities in the thinner units may…Read more
  •  21
    Lactate: A Novel Signaling Molecule in Synaptic Plasticity and Drug Addiction
    with Qiuting Wang, Jiale Wan, Bo Dong, and Jinhao Sun
    Bioessays 41 (8): 1900008. 2019.
    BioEssays, EarlyView.
  •  12
    Social Trait Information in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Trained for Face Identification
    with Connor J. Parde, Carlos Castillo, Swami Sankaranarayanan, and Alice J. O'Toole
    Cognitive Science 43 (6). 2019.
  •  30
    Pragmatic Ability Deficit in Schizophrenia and Associated Theory of Mind and Executive Function
    with Xiaoming Li, Die Hu, Wenrui Deng, Qian Tao, Xiaoxue Yang, Zheng Wang, Rui Tao, Lizhuang Yang, and Xiaochu Zhang
    Frontiers in Psychology 8. 2017.