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    The role of interface volume fractions in the nanocrystalline to amorphous transition in fully dense materials
    with U. Erb and K. T. Aust
    Philosophical Magazine 87 (36): 5749-5761. 2007.
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    Order–disorder transition and thermal conductivity of 2Zr2O7solid solutions
    with Z. -G. Liu, J. -H. Ouyang, Q. -C. Meng, and X. -L. Xia
    Philosophical Magazine 89 (6): 553-564. 2009.
  • Expression of endothelins and their receptors in nonmelanoma skin cancers
    with Y. Zhang, L. Tang, M. Su, D. Eisen, D. Zloty, and L. Warshawski
    Background: Endothelins are paracrine peptides with growth-promoting and vasoactive functions for a variety of cell types. Elevated activation of the endothelin signaling pathway induces cell proliferation and/or survival and is implicated in a variety of malignancies. Increased endothelin 1 was described in solar lentigines in previous reports, raising the possibility that the endothelin pathway may be of significance in keratinocyte proliferation-related disorders. However, detailed investigat…Read more
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    Tumor-specific chromosome mis-segregation controls cancer plasticity by maintaining tumor heterogeneity
    with Y. Hu, N. Ru, H. Xiao, A. Chaturbedi, Hoa N. T., X. J. Tian, H. Zhang, C. Ke, F. Yan, J. Nelson, Z. Li, R. Gramer, L. Yu, E. Siegel, X. Zhang, Z. Jia, M. R. Jadus, C. L. Limoli, M. E. Linskey, and J. Xing
    Aneuploidy with chromosome instability is a cancer hallmark. We studied chromosome 7 copy number variation in gliomas and in primary cultures derived from them. We found tumor heterogeneity with cells having Chr7-CNV commonly occurs in gliomas, with a higher percentage of cells in high-grade gliomas carrying more than 2 copies of Chr7, as compared to low-grade gliomas. Interestingly, all Chr7-aneuploid cell types in the parental culture of established glioma cell lines reappeared in single-cell-…Read more