• Bacterial Mixtures, the Future Generation of Inoculants for Sustainable Crop Production
    with Antonino Baez, Verónica Quintero-Hernández, Dalia Molina-Romero, América Paulina Rivera-Urbalejo, Laura Abisaí Pazos-Rojas, and Jesús Muñoz-Rojas
    In Dinesh Kumar Maheshwari & Shrivardhan Dheeman (eds.), Field Crops: Sustainable Management by Pgpr, Springer Verlag. pp. 11-44. 2019.
    Plant growth-promoting bacteria have been extensively studied, because of different mechanisms to perform phytostimulation, as well as the abilities to colonize plants. The number of crop types and hectares of agricultural land, where PGPR are applied is low compared with the total crops or farming area. However, the PGPB application in crop fields is increasingly becoming more accepted due to the advantages to crops and environment such as the increment in productivity, the diminution in the us…Read more