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    This paper considers Rumfitt’s bilateral classical logic (BCL), which is proposed to counter Dummett’s challenge to classical logic. First, agreeing with several authors, we argue that Rumfitt’s notion of harmony, used to justify logical rules by a purely proof theoretical manner, is not sufficient to justify coordination rules in BCL purely proof-theoretically. For the central part of this paper, we propose a notion of proof-theoretical validity similar to Prawitz for BCL and proves that BCL is…Read more
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    A sequent calculus for Limit Computable Mathematics
    Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 153 (1-3): 111-126. 2008.
    We introduce an implication-free fragment image of ω-arithmetic, having Exchange rule for sequents dropped. Exchange rule for formulas is, instead, an admissible rule in image. Our main result is that cut-free proofs of image are isomorphic with recursive winning strategies of a set of games called “1-backtracking games” in [S. Berardi, Th. Coquand, S. Hayashi, Games with 1-backtracking, Games for Logic and Programming Languages, Edinburgh, April 2005].We also show that image is a sound and comp…Read more