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    Definite descriptions and the alleged east–west variation in judgments about reference
    with Masashi Kasaki, Yan Zhou, and Sobei Oda
    Philosophical Studies 175 (5): 1183-1205. 2018.
    Machery et al. presented data suggesting the existence of cross-cultural variation in judgments about the reference of proper names. In this paper, we examine a previously overlooked confound in the subsequent studies that attempt to replicate the results of Machery et al. using East Asian languages. Machery et al. and Sytsma et al. claim that they have successfully replicated the original finding with probes written in Chinese and Japanese, respectively. These studies, however, crucially rely o…Read more
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    Some Remarks on an Implementation of the Burgean View of Proper Names
    Proceedings of the Xxii World Congress of Philosophy 39 79-88. 2008.
    Tyler Burge's theory of proper names is being revived with the help of Generative Grammar. The complex syntax of DPs appears to encourage the Burgean analysis of proper names which attributes complex semantic structures to the uses of proper names. I will argue, however, that the Millian view of proper names which hypothesizes simple semantics for names is also compatible with the complex syntactic structures. In order to defend this thesis, I will show that Paul Elbourne's implementation of Bur…Read more