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    Affective–associative two-process theory : a neurocomputational account of partial reinforcement extinction effects
    with Robert Lowe, Alexander Almér, Erik Billing, and Christian Balkenius
    Biological Cybernetics 111 (5-6): 365-388. 2017.
    The partial reinforcement extinction effect is an experimentally established phenomenon: behavioural response to a given stimulus is more persistent when previously inconsistently rewarded than when consistently rewarded. This phenomenon is, however, controversial in animal/human learning theory. Contradictory findings exist regarding when the PREE occurs. One body of research has found a within-subjects PREE, while another has found a within-subjects reversed PREE. These opposing findings const…Read more
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    The European Association for Cognitive Systems is the association resulting from the EUCog network, which has been active since 2006. It has ca. 1000 members and is currently chaired by Vincent C. Müller. We ran our annual conference on December 08-09 2016, kindly hosted by the Technical University of Vienna with Markus Vincze as local chair. The invited speakers were David Vernon and Paul F.M.J. Verschure. Out of the 49 submissions for the meeting, we accepted 18 a papers and 25 as posters (aft…Read more