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    A nonlow2 R. E. Degree with the Extension of Embeddings Properties of a low2 Degree
    with R. A. Shore
    Mathematical Logic Quarterly 48 (1): 131-146. 2002.
    We construct a nonlow2 r.e. degree d such that every positive extension of embeddings property that holds below every low2 degree holds below d. Indeed, we can also guarantee the converse so that there is a low r.e. degree c such that that the extension of embeddings properties true below c are exactly the ones true belowd.Moreover, we can also guarantee that no b ≤ d is the base of a nonsplitting pair
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    The minimal e-degree problem in fragments of Peano arithmetic
    with M. M. Arslanov, C. T. Chong, and S. B. Cooper
    Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 131 (1-3): 159-175. 2005.
    We study the minimal enumeration degree problem in models of fragments of Peano arithmetic () and prove the following results: in any model M of Σ2 induction, there is a minimal enumeration degree if and only if M is a nonstandard model. Furthermore, any cut in such a model has minimal e-degree. By contrast, this phenomenon fails in the absence of Σ2 induction. In fact, whether every Σ2 cut has minimal e-degree is independent of the Σ2 bounding principle
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    Ensemble Learning-Based Person Re-identification with Multiple Feature Representations
    with Xiaofang Liu, Qiongwei Ye, and Dapeng Tao
    Complexity 2018 1-12. 2018.
  •  14
    Self-Adaptive K-Means Based on a Covering Algorithm
    with Yiwen Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhou, Xing Guo, Jintao Wu, Qiang He, and Xiao Liu
    Complexity 2018 1-16. 2018.
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    Humanized Mice Reveal Differential Immunogenicity of Cells Derived from Autologous Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
    with T. Zhao, Z. N. Zhang, P. D. Westenskow, D. Todorova, Z. Hu, T. Lin, Z. Rong, J. Kim, J. He, M. Wang, D. O. Clegg, K. Zhang, M. Friedlander, and Y. Xu
    © 2015 Elsevier Inc.The breakthrough of induced pluripotent stem cell technology has raised the possibility that patient-specific iPSCs may become a renewable source of autologous cells for cell therapy without the concern of immune rejection. However, the immunogenicity of autologous human iPSC -derived cells is not well understood. Using a humanized mouse model reconstituted with a functional human immune system, we demonstrate that most teratomas formed by autologous integration-free hiPSCs e…Read more
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    Measurements of underlying-event properties using neutral and charged particles in pp collisions at √s = 900 GeV and √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detector at the LHC (review)
    with Z. Liang, B. Martin, J. Meyer, S. Tanaka, P. D. Thompson, J. Wang, J. Yu, S. Zimmermann, G. Aad, B. Abbott, J. Abdallah, A. A. Abdelalim, A. Abdesselam, O. Abdinov, B. Abi, M. Abolins, H. Abramowicz, H. Abreu, E. Acerbi, B. S. Acharya, D. L. Adams, T. N. Addy, J. Adelman, M. Aderholz, S. Adomeit, P. Adragna, T. Adye, S. Aefsky, J. A. Aguilar-Saavedra, M. Aharrouche, S. P. Ahlen, F. Ahles, A. Ahmad, M. Ahsan, G. Aielli, T. Akdogan, T. P. A. Åkesson, G. Akimoto, A. V. Akimov, M. S. Alam, M. A. Alam, S. Albrand, M. Aleksa, I. N. Aleksandrov, M. Aleppo, F. Alessandria, Alexa C., G. Alexander, G. Alexandre, T. Alexopoulos, M. Alhroob, M. Aliev, G. Alimonti, Alison J., M. Aliyev, P. P. Allport, S. E. Allwood-Spiers, J. Almond, A. Aloisio, R. Alon, A. Alonso, and M. G. Alviggi
    © CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration 2011.We present first measurements of charged and neutral particle-flow correlations in pp collisions using the ATLAS calorimeters.Data were collected in 2009 and 2010 at centre-of-mass energies of 900 GeV and 7 TeV.Events were selected using a minimum-bias trigger which required a charged particle in scintillation counters on either side of the interaction point.Particle flows, sensitive to the underlying event, are measured using clusters of en…Read more
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    Metaphor recognition: Chmeta, a pattern‐based system
    with Changle Zhou, Xiaojun Ding, Jiawei Chen, and Xiaodong Shi
    In L. Magnani (ed.), Computational Intelligence, . pp. 265-301. 2009.