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    Jonsen’s Four Topics Approach as a Framework for Clinical Ethics Consultation
    with Hui Jin Toh, James Alvin Low, Zhen Yu Lim, Shahla Siddiqui, and Lawrence Tan
    Asian Bioethics Review 10 (1): 37-51. 2018.
    This was an in-depth qualitative study that looked at the reasons patients were referred to the Clinical Ethics Committee of an acute hospital in Singapore and explore how the CEC approached cases referred. Jonsen’s four topics approach was applied in the deliberative process for all cases. A comprehensive review of the case records of 28 patients referred consecutively to the CEC from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2014 was conducted. Data and information was collated from the referral forms, pa…Read more
  • Characteristics of tropical cyclones in high-resolution models in the present climate
    with S. J. da ShaevitzCamargo, A. H. Sobel, J. A. Jonas, D. Kim, A. Kumar, T. E. Larow, H. Murakami, K. A. Reed, M. J. Roberts, E. Scoccimarro, P. L. Vidale, H. Wang, M. F. Wehner, M. Zhao, and N. Henderson
    © 2014. The Authors.The global characteristics of tropical cyclones simulated by several climate models are analyzed and compared with observations. The global climate models were forced by the same sea surface temperature fields in two types of experiments, using climatological SST and interannually varying SST. TC tracks and intensities are derived from each model's output fields by the group who ran that model, using their own preferred tracking scheme; the study considers the combination of …Read more