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    Evolutionary formation of new protein folds is linked to metallic cofactor recruitment
    with Hong-Fang Ji, Lei Chen, and Ying-Ying Jiang
    Bioessays 31 (9): 975-980. 2009.
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    A Flame Detection Method Based on Novel Gradient Features
    with Zhu Liping, Li Hongqi, Wang Fenghui, Lv Jie, and Sikandar Ali
    Journal of Intelligent Systems. forthcoming.
  • "the Beginning Of This Set Of Words" And The Early Qing Dynasty Ci
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 1 113-123. 2008.
    "The beginning of this set of words" is a Qing Dynasty Ci distinctive contemporary. It is not only to Chen Long term represented among the clouds were in the clear role in the revival of the word given special emphasis, but also on the Gong Dingzi very highly. With particular emphasis on the aesthetic expression of spiritual pursuit, unique at the time. Editor's words were some of the characteristics of western Zhejiang juice revealed, for the evaluation of Yangxian famous Chen Wei Ji, embodies …Read more
  • The Soft Budget Constraint of State-owned Commercial Banks in the Process of Transition
    with Wen-bin Duan
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 6 115-121. 2005.
    China's state-owned banks in the transition process remains a soft budget constraints, and eliminate a large number of non-performing loans do not have to establish the mechanism. Soft budget constraints of commercial banks is not the transition economies face a particular phenomenon, but the state-owned commercial banks are showing a soft budget constraints of its own special characteristics and formation mechanism. Soft budget constraint distorted banks to act to increase the financial burden,…Read more
  • On the Political Balance Effect of the Big Cities among the Intergovernmental Relations
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 1 55-65. 2008.
    Political balance of intergovernmental relations is a smooth running of the country's political system, the inherent requirements. To promote and market depth original "duty with the structure" of the government management system, the gradual melting, breaking the balance of inter-governmental relations between the vertical support structure. In particular, the accelerated process of urbanization, the rapid rise of large cities began to seek economic development and political status of the synch…Read more
  • Discussion on the Scenes and Images of the Ci-poetry of Wen Tingyun
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 6 17-23. 2004.
    Wen Ting-yun unauthorized use of "fish, vegetation, birds," like the natural scenery images, creating a structure around the word yao clouded throughout. Warm words to create images of landscape features is: First, in an objective manner described Mount charming scenery moving in the spring, so full of beautiful color images of beauty; Secondly, use of the night from dusk to dawn, off Gui Yuan, adding to the hazy image of beauty and Qice quiet about identity; recovery times, often in figurative …Read more