• A Direct-Realist Alternative to Inferentialist Theories of Perceptual Knowledge
    Dissertation, The University of Western Ontario (Canada). 1994.
    The thesis title, "A Direct-Realist Alternative to Inferentialist Theories of Perceptual Knowledge," aptly describes what I have attempted to achieve in this dissertation: I have sought to develop and defend a strong direct-realist alternative to the traditional inferentialist model, the model called the Establishment by its two most prominent contemporary defenders, Jerry Fodor and Zenon Pylyshyn. ;My research project has been motivated by the conviction that the development of a correct episte…Read more
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    This paper evaluates Tu Wei-ming's proposal that the Confucian ideal model of human society should be viewed as a fiduciary community. To do the evaluation, I provide a systematic elaboration of Tu's proposal, which is essentially absent in Tu's writings, and a systematic explication of the Confucian theory of fiduciarity, which is supposed to be the theoretical foundation of Tu's proposal but is completely absent in the studies of Confucianism, including Tu's own. On the basis of these studies,…Read more