•  9
    Enactive account of pretend play and its application to therapy
    with Ellen Reijmers
    Frontiers in Psychology 6. 2015.
  •  141
    From Wide Cognition to Mechanisms: A Silent Revolution
    with Marcin Miłkowski, Robert Clowes, Aleksandra Przegalińska, Tadeusz Zawidzki, Joel Krueger, Adam Gies, Marek McGann, Łukasz Afeltowicz, Witold Wachowski, Fredrik Stjernberg, Victor Loughlin, and Mateusz Hohol
    Frontiers in Psychology 9. 2018.
    In this paper, we argue that several recent ‘wide’ perspectives on cognition (embodied, embedded, extended, enactive, and distributed) are only partially relevant to the study of cognition. While these wide accounts override traditional methodological individualism, the study of cognition has already progressed beyond these proposed perspectives towards building integrated explanations of the mechanisms involved, including not only internal submechanisms but also interactions with others, groups…Read more
  •  20
    What guides pretence? Towards the interactive and the narrative approaches
    Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences 15 (1): 117-133. 2016.
    This paper will explore one aspect of the relationship between pretence and narratives. I look at proposals about how scripts play guiding roles in our pretend play practices. I then examine the views that mental representations are needed to guide pretend play, reviewing two importantly different pictures of mental guiders: the Propositional Account and the Model Account. Both accounts are individualistic and internalistic; the former makes use of language-like representations, the latter makes…Read more